Rudy SandovalRUSA Solutions was established by Rudy Sandoval to provide individual small business professionals with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions that are simple to use, effective in managing their workload and able to support their goals of building relationships with their clients.

Our first CRM solution – SalonClientCare – is based on RUSA Solutions president and CEO Rudy Sandoval’s 20 years of experience in the cosmetology market as a cosmetologist, stylist, colorist, salon owner and educator. Rudy identified that all of the more than 240 available salon management applications addressed the general operational needs of the salon business but failed to facilitate what he felt was the most critical need – assisting individual beauty professionals to effectively manage their relationships with their customers and build client loyalty.

The development platform, deployment and support infrastructure of SalonClientCare provides RUSA Solutions with a flexible and customizable architecture that will be leveraged to address many other similar market needs and provide affordable solutions.

Our solutions reduce the effort required to capture customer information and offer a wide variety of meaningful reports and communication tools delivered through intuitive interfaces that even the most computer-shy person will find easy to use. Our solutions are functionally rich, easy to use and consistently efficient.